About ABP Contractors

ABP Contractors was established in 2006 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

ABP engages in a full range of activities in the construction & contracting sector, starting from the interior and exterior designs of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, to their steel structural works, and finally the external cladding and interior finishes.

Our Vision

ABP is committed to becoming a leading mega-scope contracting corporation at the center of the construction world, performing the most prestigious and complex projects using advanced technology.

Our Mission

To provide solutions with the highest standards of performance.

Our Values

• Excellence
• Confidence
• Respect
• Collaboration
• Innovation

Our Speciality

Unique Touches In External Facade

Quality You Can Touch In Internal Finishing


Our team believes that interior design is all about the feelings a space induces.

The interior designers at ABP translate feelings into structures and colors, which provides you with a beautiful and functional end product, executed in real life with precision and professionalism…

Distinction In Material Selection And Fit-Out For Each Project


ABP goes beyond distinction in quality and unique touches in carrying out projects. We actually provide international materials that make each project speak for itself. Our wide range of exclusive Italian brands of porcelain, besides a wide range of Italian, Turkish and other kinds of marble are brought to you in order to satisfy your aspirations to uniqueness.
Our materials exceed the variety of porcelain, marble and natural stone into the required materials for every detail of Interior decoration that will definitely complement the most artistic designs. Our European celebrated brands of lighting, fabric and furniture، besides a wide spectrum of accessories; all in one place make your project truly an admirable gem!

Our Designers

Create unique designs that suit our clients’ requirements and are in line with modernity and realism. Propose daring ideas.

Our Engineers

ABP engineers are committed to developing engineering solutions to meet our Clients’ most complex requirements.

Our Managers

As strong proponents of the holistic approach to business, our managers drive strategies and solutions in line with the global standards of project management, work organization, and technical implementations.

Some of Our Private Clients

Some of Our Government Clients